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Can second-hand smoke make you test positive for marijuana?  Answer: While therre is no doubt that some of the drug will be ingested when exposed to second-hand smoke most testing facilities and employers utilize cut-off levels that exclude second-hand smoke even under the most extreme circumstances. One thing that many people fail to consider is that second-hand smoke MAY serve to keep a person POSITVE longer than they would have been without the exposure. That is, if you quit smoking marijuana and continue to remain in close proximity to people who continue smoking then you will be replacing some of the drug that is being excreted by your body, thereby remaining positive longer.  

Can poppy-seeds, sesame seeds, ibuprofen or antibiotics make you test positive for marijuana? Answer: No. A sample that is sent to a SAMHSA certified laboratory is confirmed positive using a technique known as GC/MS (gas chromatograph/Mass spectrometry) and specifically identifies the drug/metabolites.

Can drinking lots of water flush out my system of drugs? Answer: No. THC is a fat soluble drug and therefore not soluble in water. That is, the drug is stored in the fat cells of the body. If you could dissolve fat by drinking water then we would have no difficulty with people losing weight! There are no known fat burning compounds or drinks, despite the marketing ploys you read about and these drinkds will not burn the fat and get rid of the THC either.

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